Picture: Goodyear Brakes - Larger aircraft brake assembly

Link:  727 Restoration Process -

Picture: Landing Gear Bay - Grob G120

Picture:  Squat Switch - Cessna Citation

Picture:  Squat Switch - King Air

Picture:  Wing Icing - King Air

Picture:  Windshield Icing - King Air

Picture:  Crows Foot Wrench - Tool for limited access work

Picture:  Speed Wrench - Offset tool for removing and installing fasteners

Picture:  Air Chuck Nozzle - Fitting used to control compressed air for blowing

Picture:  Valve Core - Core removed from stem to show seals

Picture:  Tire in Safety Cage - Cage used for inflation and deflation safety

Picture:  Continental Crush Plate - Used with wood propeller to distribute bolt loads

Picture:  Innovative anti-chafe with nylon straps - Ignition leads routed and secured

Picture: Matco Brakes - Brake with plastic line on homebuilt (Steve Wittman, Buttercup)

Spreadsheet:  Weight and Balance Form - Stinson 108-1, 108-2 (educational use only)  

Spreadsheet:  Weight and Balance Form - 1976 Cessna 172M (educational use only)

Video:  727 being towed on ramp - towbar, tug, and Boeing 727

Picture:  Wheel Balance Patch - Aircraft wheel balancing patch

Picture:  Solder Applied to Wire - Smoke, solder, and a wire being tinned

Picture:  Ground Terminal Connections - Terminals attached to crankcase ground source

Picture:  Corroded Electrical Terminal - Terminal and stud with signs of typical corrosion

Picture:  Landing Gear Indicator Lights - Cessna 310 light disassembled with bulb

Picture:  Flap switch and Speeds - Cessna 310 Flap switch and speed ranges

Picture:  Circuit Breaker Popped - Circuit protection, trip free

Picture:  Control Quadrant - Cessna 310 engine controls 

Picture:  Indicator Light - Press to test

Picture:  Wire Soldering Fixture - Wire ready for solder in clamp

Picture:  Special Connector - Solder type strip connector

Picture: Solder Sucker - desoldering tool

Picture:  Solder and Braid - Spool of solder and desoldering braid

Picture:  Wheel Balance Tool - Testing a wheel for static balance

Picture:  Screw Balance Weight - Screw on balance weight on wheel

Picture:  Wheel Weight Options - Selecting a balance weight

Picture:  Tail stand and weight - Jacking stand used to balance engine weight

Picture:  Landing Gear Up Lock - Military Jet landing gear 

Picture:  Trailing Link Landing Gear - Complete military jet landing gear assembly

Picture:  Sealant on Landing Gear Nut - Sealant to prevent corrosion on exposed gear nut

Picture:  Smoked Rivet - Rivet that is loose and fretting with tail

Picture:  Piper APU Plug - External shot of APU plug on twin Piper, 12V

Picture:  Aircraft Lead Acid Battery - Gill 35 amp hour battery overall view

Picture:  Nickel Cadmium Battery  - Corroded terminal and strap

Picture:  Hydrometer in use - Specific Gravity test of Lead Acid battery

Picture:  Battery Vent Cap - Cap removed with view of bottom vent

Picture:  Nicad Cell Thermal Runaway - Results of excess heat on cell

Picture:  Aircraft Starter - Beechcraft Musketeer starter

Picture:  727 Generator Panel - Flight Engineers electrical control panel

Picture:  727 Landing Gear Selector - Cockpit view of gear retract lever

Picture:  727 Radio Console - Old radio panel with switches and knobs

Picture:  727 Control Stick - Left side of yoke with autopilot controls

Picture:  727 Rotary Dimmer - Cockpit dimmer switch example

Picture:  727 Overhead Breaker Panel - One of many circuit breaker panels

Picture:  727 Fuel Dump and Static Wicks - Shot from standing on wing

Picture:  727 Flap Bonding Jumper - Static jumper on leading edge

Picture:  727 Null Field Static Discharge - Wingtip Static Discharge 

Picture:  Cooper Vane - D.B. Cooper's legacy, cannot open stair in flight

Picture:  737 Gear Door Ground - Service ground for aircraft

Picture:  727 Potted Electrical Bus - Bus in rear along stairwell

Picture:  Battery Box - Battery box of TH-55 Helicopter

Picture:  Ignition Switch - View of the connections on the back of ign. switch

Picture:  Crimper/Stripper Tool - Inexpensive electrical wire tool

Picture:  Ring Terminal - Solderless, crimp type ring terminal

Picture:  Breadboard - Board for teaching basic circuits, series parallel

Picture:  Circuit Breaker Panel - Three, five amp breakers in panel

Picture:  Wire Stripper - Common hand stripper

Picture:  Ratchet Crimper - Side view of aircraft ratchet crimper

Picture:  Solenoid - Typical 12V solenoid for master or starter

Picture:  Fuse Plugs - In the wheel of a large aircraft

Picture:  727 Flap - Flap in the deployed position, under-wing view

Picture:  O-rings and packings - general selection

Picture: Aeroshell 22 Grease - close-up of grease in can

Picture: Assorted Aviation Oils - selection of common greases and oils

Picture: Aviation Hydraulic Fluids - three types in jars (color)

Picture: Skydrol - Skydrol in a jar with obvious color tint

Picture: Bungee Cord Stripes - Landing gear bungee cord 

Picture: Cracked strut -  View of massive crack in Landing gear strut

Picture: Ball end, Fork, Shackle - control system parts

Picture:  Anti-servo Tab - Horizontal stab of Beechcraft model 19

Picture:  Rudder Counterweight - Beechcraft model 19 rudder

Picture:  Stabilizer Counterweight - Beechcraft model 19

Picture:  Turnbuckle - Single wrap

Picture:  Turnbuckle - Double wrap

Picture:  Rudder Torque Arm - Nice view of rudder actuation lever

Picture:  Slotted Flap - Retracted and Extended

Picture:  Rod End with Witness Hole - Clear view of terminal hardware for controls

Picture:  Tomahawk Bellcrank and Stops - Adjustable stops shown

Picture: Tomahawk Slipstream Demo - Tape depicting swirl of slipstream

Picture:  Multiple Swage - Improper swaging of cable 

Picture:  Torque Tube - Rudder control torque tube example

Picture: Cable Splice - Double swage on a control cable splice

Picture:  Cable and Pulleys - Mock-up of control system cable installation

Picture:  Bellcrank and stop - Mock-up of control system with bellcrank

Picture: Turn Limit Marks - Markings to indicate maximum turn radius 

Picture: PA-38 Instrument Panel - Overall view of Tomahawk panel

Picture: C-152 Cessna Nose Gear - Side view of complete assembly

Picture: Scissor Link - Scissor disconnected for service or towing

Picture:  Helicopter in flight - View of tilt and coning of main rotor

Picture: Helicopter Main Rotor - TH55 main rotor head

Picture:  Helicopter tail rotor - TH 55 tail rotor side view

Picture: Airscoop - Piper Tomahawk lower cowl including airscoop and exhaust outlets

Picture: Cowl Flap - Piper cowl flap bottom view including actuating rod

Picture: Cooling Inlets - Front view of Beechcraft Musketeer cowl

Picture: Boeing 727 - Right, front view of 727-100 series

Picture: aileron - Left aileron of Beech Musketeer

Picture: Flap - Kruger type leading edge flap of a Boeing 727

Picture: Rudder and stabilator - Beech Musketeer

Picture: Corrosion - Corroded Canon plug

Picture: Airfoil - Beech Musketeer with tip removed showing airfoil

Picture: Flap screw fairing - Boeing 727 

Picture:  Damaged Bearings - Roller bearings with serious flat spots

Picture: Stall Switch - Cessna 310 stall warning switch

Picture: Aileron tab - Cessna 310

Picture: Static discharge - Cessna 310

Picture: Vacuum pump - Cessna 310

Picture: Pitot Tube - Side view 

Picture: Propellor Deice Boot - Electric prop deice boot installation

Picture:  Damaged Mooney from a bird strike

Picture:  Damaged Piper Archer after contact with propeller of runaway aircraft

Picture:  Voltage Regulator Back - View depicting potting compound 

Picture:  Voltage Regulator Top - Top view showing data and specifications

Picture:  Avionics Bay - Typical business jet nose avionics bay

Picture:  Avionics Nose Bay - Box side view of avionics installed

Picture:  Avionics Wiring - Close-up of wiring in avionics bay

Picture:  Aircraft Electrical - Connectors and wiring

Picture:  Connector Safety Wire - Correct safety on aircraft connector

Picture:  Avionics Wiring and Plugs - View of typical wiring and plugs

Presentation: Helicopter lead, lag, and coning - PowerPoint animation








Movie:  Impulse coupling - An impulse coupling being rotated 

Movie:  Piston, Rod, Crankshaft, Camshaft - This is 15 sec. of a cutaway rotating

Movie:  Planetary Gears - PT6 Planetary gears in operation

Movie:  Crankshaft runout check - Crankshaft on roller stand with dial indicator

Movie: Crankcase splitting - video clip of a crankcase half being lifted free

Movie:  Camshaft runout check - Camshaft on roller stand with dial indicator

Movie:  Lycoming engine running - Engine running normally with sound, side view

Movie:  Continental C-85  - Start attempt while timed to the exhaust stroke

Movie:  Continental C-85 - Running with one ignition lead removed

Movie:  Piston engine cutaway - Side view with piston, rings, pin, crank throw

Virtual Tour:  Slides taken inside G&N Aircraft Engine Overhaul Facility

Calculator:  Engine Volumetric Efficiency - JAVA Calculator to determine efficeincy

Animation:  Piston engine cutaway in motion - Shockwave animation

Picture:  Crankshaft and Camshaft Gears - Case open, orientation shown O-470

Picture:  Oil pressure fitting - Lycoming restrictor type oil pressure line fitting

Picture:  Air Cooled Turbine Blade - Blade showing cooling holes

Picture:  Oil Pressure relief valve - Lycoming adjustable relief valve

Picture:  Lycoming 0-320-H2AD Rocker Assembly -  Shows stamped rocker

Picture:  Fuel Injector Manifold - Fuel distributor for multipoint injection 

Picture:  Turbine Oil Filter and Housing - Small APU metal filter, housing, seal

Picture:  Annular Combustion Chamber - Turbine engine combustor 

Picture:  Two Compressor Blade Mounts - Fir tree and bulb mounts

Picture:  Turbine Blade Internal Cooling - View of hollow blades

Picture:  737 Blow-in doors - Turbine cowl with doors

Picture: 737 Exhaust - View of turbine exhaust and reverser

Picture: 85 series APU - Combustion section outside view

Picture: 85 series APU - Exhaust outlet overall view with probes

Picture:  85 series APU - Ignition system with exciter box

Picture:  85 series APU - Shaft end view incl. PAC and Gen. 

Picture:  Honeycomb Labyrinth Seal - Both parts of a turbine engine seal assembly

Picture:  Bellmouth Inlet - Inlet for turbine test cell installations

Picture:  Corroded exhaust stud and port - View of damage from corrosion

Picture:  Oil filter paper element - Removed and unfolded oil filter paper element

Picture: Compression tester - Common aircraft differential compression tester

Picture:  Cooling Fin Damage - Continental Cylinder with repairable fins

Picture:  Magneto Flange Damage - Result of not properly aligning gears

Picture: Cylinder Head - View of Continental cylinder head and barrel separated

Picture: Timing Marks - Front view of Lycoming ring gear and timing marks

Picture: Connecting Rod - Side view of a Lycoming connecting rod

Picture: Magneto Observation Window - Bendix magneto installed but with plug removed

Picture: Intercooler - Turbocharger intercooler installed on Continental GTSIO-520

Picture: Compressor - Turbocharger compressor from Continental GTSIO-520

Picture: Broken Tab on Oil Housing - Lycoming oil screen housing with tab damage

Picture: Checking Piston Pin OD - Micrometer being used to measure OD

Picture: Thickness Gage - End gap measurement of ring with thickness gage

Picture: Side Clearance - Measurement of piston ring side clearance on piston

Picture: Piston Pin Boss ID - Measurement of piston pin boss inside diameter

Picture: Vernier Caliper - Side view of vernier measurement tool

Picture: Micrometer and Gage - Micrometer measuring telescoping gage

Picture: Oil Pump Measurement - Depth micrometer measuring oil pump

Picture: Dial Indicator - Clamps and supports with dial indicator

Picture: Small Hole Gage - Gages used with micrometer to measure small hole ID

Picture: Bore Gage - Bore gage used for cylinder taper and out-of-round

Picture: Crankcase Side View - Six cylinder crankcase view showing cylinder mounts

Picture: Dynamic Dampener - Crankshaft with dynamic dampener installed

Picture: Piston Diameter - Micrometer used to measure piston diameter and cam

Picture: Thickness Gage - Thickness gage side view with gages spread open

Picture: Spark Plug tray - 8 sparkplugs in a standard aviation tray (massive and fine)

Picture: Engine mount - Cradle type engine mount from Continental O-300

Picture: Ignition harness - 4 cylinder harness including leads and caps

Picture: Magneto drive - Gear, impulse coupling, corrosion damaged

Picture: Engine mount - Dynafocal, shows rubber Lord mount 

Picture:  P lead connection - D2000 magneto P lead connection

Picture: Pressurized Magneto - Pressure line connected to magneto (Navajo)

Picture: Radial engine connecting rods - Master and articulating rod example

Picture: Mixture adjustment - Bendix injection mixture adjustment wheel

Picture: Mixture adjustment - Float carburetor idle mixture screw

Picture: Magneto timing pin - Slick magneto with timing pin inserted

Picture: EGT Probe - EGT probe installed in exhaust stack

Picture:  Timing Marks - Continental C85

Picture: Ignition Lead - Shielded ignition lead terminal hardware on Lycoming

Picture:  Rocker box - Lycoming rocker box cover and screws

Picture: Cold Cylinder check - Using a crayon to test for a cold cylinder

Diagram: Hot and Cold Sparkplug - Cut-away view of hot vs. cold sparkplugs

Diagram:  Hydraulic Lifter Cutaway - Picture from Lycoming overhaul manual

Picture: Rod bolt failure - Lycoming HIO-360-D1A

Picture:  Valve grinding machine - Kwik way valve grinder

Picture:  Fuel Servo - Bottom view of Lycoming engine showing fuel unit installed

Picture:  Magneto Coil - Coil as removed from magneto, modern style

Picture:  Updraft Carburetor - Typical light aircraft carburetor inlet side view

Picture:  Carburetor venturi - Closeup of venturi and jet inside Carburetor

Picture:  Carburetor Exterior - Nice overall view of light aircraft carburetor

Picture:  Diaphragm Fuel Pump - AC style fuel pump installed on Lycoming

Picture:  Ignition Harness Cap - View of cap details

Picture:  Ignition Lead Terminal End - Details of sparkplug end, shielded type

Picture:  Back of Engine - Includes battery, mount, accessories, etc.

Picture:  Installed Magneto - Close-up of installed magneto with cap and wires

Picture:  Exciter Box - Turbine ignition exciter box, Unison

Picture:  Fuel Control - External view of turbine fuel control

Picture:  Fuel Injector Servo - Airflow and fuel metering for piston engines

Picture:  Controls Quadrant - Turboprop aircraft engine controls in cockpit

Picture:  Shroud Segments - Engine turbine shroud segments

Picture:  Shroud and Ring - Turbine shroud segments with ring

Picture:  Turbine Diameter - measurement of turbine wheel diameter

Picture:  Shroud and Vanes - PT-6 turbine shroud segments and IGV's

Picture:  Blades and Segments - Turbine blades and shroud segments

Picture: Clearance Measurement - Turbine blades and shroud clearance measurement

Presentation: AT262 Introduction - Engine Theory, Types, Otto cycle, Calculations

Presentation:  Piston Engine Parts, Materials, Bearings, and Gearing - Powerpoint